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I'm a little late with the weekly post, but I still plan on trying to blog at least once a week.
I'm currently battling some minor bug. I say minor as although I feel miserable, it could be much worse. Sore throat and congestion are all I'm really dealing with.

The Cleveland Zoo is one of 4 or 5 zoos partnering with Miami University to offer a Masters of Art in Zoology with their Advanced Inquiry Program. It's 2 1/2 years and I'm greatly considering it. A lot of work to just apply, but it's definitely something I'd love to do.

EA Active 2 is irking me. Some exercises don't register and their only offer of any sort of solution is to restart the game. So if I'm halfway through the workout and it's not registering me on that exercise (there are 3 that it won't register me at all and 1 that only recognizes me if I do it in this convoluted way), I have to restart the whole thing? Yeah freaking right.

Rumors of a snowstorm are heading our way. At least, everyone an hour west is starting to freak out. We'll see if we get any major lake effect here. I'd love a snow day.

Happy New Year Everyone

Today would officially mark 2 years that Pete & I have been together. Nothing special is or was planned for today, and currently we're watching Dr. G Medical examiner on its new home of FitTV with Pete attempting to eat Blueberry Chobani and giving me the cute eyes to go get the laundry. Exciting, I know. We did spend the day giving the apartment an almost top-bottom scrub and I think I'll be owing Rubbermaid a good review for their "Reveal" mop.

We rang in the New Year quietly, opting to stay at home. Pete managed to stay awake until midnight this year, but barely and it involved some help from Mario Galaxy 2. Yup, still playing it. I wish the second player could be a little more involved than playing as "Co-Star Luma". Donkey-Kong Country will be next, though we still have Goldeneye as well to finish. I'm also in the process of doing a review for Alex & on EA Active 2. There's definitely a few things I'm not liking about this game, mostly bugs, but it's been giving both Pete & myself good workouts, and I'm definitely notice I'm a bit more energetic... And a hell of a lot sorer...

That leads me to ask what, if any, resolutions do you have for the new year? Pete & I are both on board to lose at least 20 pounds this year (I'm actually aiming for 25). The ongoing resolutions to rid debt and overly processed foods are on the list as well. I'm also going to attempt to blog at least once a week. The final is to attack the office and organize it, plus organize all my photos.

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We attempted to play Risk last night. It failed miserably when I realized the two player rules were far more convoluted than when you have 3 or more. Opted instead for Mario Galaxy 2 where I played as the co-star Luma. This game is mind-boggling but having the extra player helps so much.

I spent 2 hours of my day sketching the layout of a house followed by office time spent working on a website. I couldn't create a catalog type setup the easy way so I had to resort to creating tables. And of course, I have to do it bit by bit as the easy way with doing that resulted in something within the original layout getting messed up. If tomorrow is as peaceful & quiet as it was today, I should be able to get a decent amount done.

Have been loving the homemade breads from the Stone Oven. It helps that it's just a minute walk away. Tonight's meal consisted of their rosemary potato bread toasted with a bit of mustard, pepperoni, banana pepper, and cheese then nuked just long enough to melt the cheese. I should stick it under the broiler next time but it was still good.

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So China failed to put me back in the blogging mood. In all honesty, there was very little in the end to write home about as I spent the majority of my time in either the apartment or the office.
I will say though that I met some really nice people over and I do miss them. Never got to hang out with Erica like we were supposed to, but she did bring a cake over on my last night.
... and I had planned on posting a picture here only to realize I don't have it sitting on this computer. Bah.

I've spent the time back recovering and trying to get myself back into a sense of normalcy, but I don't think I even have a chance of getting myself back to normal until I leave for California. Or maybe I'll luck out next week thanks to the 3 day work week, but I'm not holding my breath.

This past weekend was a weekend of mixed emotions for sure. My great aunt died on Wednesday and the funeral was Saturday. I also spent Saturday afternoon bonding with Pete over raking leaves at his parents. Sunday he let me drive and that turned into a run to Target, Michael's, the atm to get stamps (I never knew some of them did this until we hit this atm to deposit my paycheck one day), and Whole Foods.

It makes me realize that my life is in fact, quite boring and that seems to be why I don't have the urge to blog as much. But oh well.

Oh, and thanks in part to the catching of the bouquet at the wedding I was in the day before I left for China, I've been getting asked a lot when Pete & I are getting married. Who knows people, who knows.
However, in the spirit of it all, I will offer him some help should he finally decide that day has come (and providing he happens to check on here for some unknown reason lol)

my ring size is 6 and I like white gold. :P

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Planned on updating yesterday but was thwarted when all my hard work on the original post decided to up and disappear/ Thanks LJ.
We got in LATE Tuesday night into Shenzhen. There was a delay leaving Detroit and we had to race through Narita to catch our connection to Hong Kong. Thankfully, the staff in Narita are awesome and all the connecting flights for people on our plane were held. Meanwhile though, overall though, we spent about 24 hours traveling. It was probably 2am (we're 12 hours ahead of those in EST fyi) before we went to bed and had to get up early for meetings. Yesterday was a little more easygoing. no meetings so we were able to catch up on our a sleep a bit and didn't wander into the office until nearly noon. Today will be more meetings.
Foodwise, I've yet to be disappointed. Save for a trip to Starbucks (and ftr, the coffee at Starbucks here is far superior to the crap at starbucks in the states. The milk they use is better and you can tell they don't burn the beans when they're roasted, lending to a much smoother flavor). Also got a garden veggie scone from there (omg they need these in the states), and a piece of mango raspberry soy yogurt cake (think cheesecake in appearance and taste). Other than that it's been the good local stuff. Lunch for me has been fish for the past two days and probably again today. Dinner the first night involved a trip to a place in Cocoa Park where we ordered fish, beef, duck, several different veggies including bok choy and spicy cucumber, plus I had my first taste of dragonfruit which is soooo yummy! Dinner last night was tofu, I'm guessing teryaki tofu, plus more bok choy, and i tried a little bit of soup involving some pig liver, intestines, and yes, brain (the brain was absolutely disgusting but surprisingly the rest was good). I've been letting Summer order for me since I'm willing to try just about anything and figure he knows what's good and not. I do think I want a different fish for lunch today, so we'll see what happens there.
As for the fun stuff, first night after dinner, we went for foot & shoulder massages. My shoulders are still sore, like REALLY FARKING SORE!!!! But so worth it. These people know what they're doing, though I think we're going to a place closer to the apartment this next time.
We also hit the market last night. Wanted to get fabric but that didn't happen, but we did some prelim shopping. So much stuff, it's crazy. I believe we're going back today but the major shopping will be either over the weekend or next week.
I'm posting pictures on flickr. Only two up so far, but I'll post more later.
Think that's it for now. Have a meeting at 9 and i think it's time for some breakfast.

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  • 16:25 got lots of good stuff from the G's stand. Saw a car fire near E 9th exit on 90 north. after 4 weeks our lawn has finally been mowed #
  • 17:48 holy pink mustang batman #
  • 20:34 thank you all for blowing up my facebook wall,inbox, email inbox, and phone with your birthday well wishes :D <3 #
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